Dragon Ball War of the Strongest

Dragon Ball: War of the Strongest Chinese Version Released by Tencent

Dragon Ball: War of the Strongest was recently released by Tencent Games. There have been many attempts made to make Dragon Ball with this MMORPG genre more qualified, and personally FajarYusuf.Com feels this game does not include Pay-to-Win elements. All players will start the game with young Son Goku characters, before recruiting new characters to join the team.

Dragon Ball: War of the Strongest will bring the original Dragon Ball manga storyline to a certain point, but the story in this game will not go through the same thing as the manga or anime, players will be sent to a previous time to correct the timeline that threatens to change the timeline original.

Dragon Ball War of the Strongest gameplay

Like most MMORPGs made in China, there are plenty of activities and events for players to open and enjoy. From what FajarYusuf.Com read, many Dragon Ball fanatics in China were not too happy with the game, but FajarYusuf.Com enjoyed it very much.

Dragon Ball: War of the Strongest has many original Dragon Ball characters presented, from the famous to the not so popular, and all of them can be played with unique skills and abilities. Of course, for the main characters like Vegeta, Goku, and Gohan, there will be several versions.

This game looks very vibrant and lively, striking skill effects, and details such as the classic Bulma rabbit costume really please Dragon Ball fans!.

Dragon Ball: War of the Strongest 龙珠最强之战 (CN) - Starting gameplay
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