Dragon Nest 2 Developed By Tencent, This Is The Official Trailer!

Does anyone not know Dragon Nest ? This legendaryMMORPG game is one of the mandatory games for mobile gamers or PC gamers.

Tencent as the leading game developer will present a new version of the Dragon Nest game, with the name Dragon Nest 2.

What we already know, now there is a mobile version of the Dragon Nest game that was released earlier, with the name Dragon Nest Mobile.

However, Tencent seems to have not been satisfied with the game, and will launch the second series of this MMORPG game.

Dragon nest 2 trailers

Just like the first

version, this game will also have genres and gameplay that are not much different.

However, this Dragon Nest 2 game will be a Seamless Open World game, you will be free to explore the world without limits.

Dragon nest 2 trailers 2

In addition, there are still many features that have not been disclosed such as weapon swap or two gender choices, without the presence of a gender lock .

Tencent has also launched the CG Trailer which shows the Dragon Nest 2 game with stunning graphics.Watch the following video:

Source: mmoculture.com

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