Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi New Puzzle Game From Square Enix

Square Enix and developer NHN PlayArt have collaborated to announce their new Dragon Quest mobile game on a live stream to commemorate a special event for the 35th anniversary of the Dragon Quest series. The mobile game entitled Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi is planned to be released in 2021 in Japan and a global release is also planned.

As the title suggests (keshi which means erase in Japanese), this is a match 3 piece puzzle mobile game adapted based on the Dragon Quest game series. Players must be able to match the character monsters from all the different episodes. The design on the puzzle was made to look like an eraser as well as the title in this new puzzle game.

Dragon quest Keshi Keshi

Yep, this mobile game is a relaxing game that can fill the players’ empty time, which seems like the match time in this game lasts only a few minutes like other puzzle games in general.

That’s all the information fajaryusuf.com got, so let’s look forward to more information about the release of this Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi puzzle game which is sure to be fun to play when it’s released!


Source: YouTube Square Enix


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