Dragon Quest Tact Global Version Planned For Release On January 27th

Finally, after waiting for a long time and changing years, we got news about the release date of the global version of Dragon Quest Tact which will shock the players! Based on the AppStore page, the Dragon Quest RPG mobile game is planned to be played this month, to be precise on January 27!

Dragon Quest Tact is a turn-based strategy RPG mobile game adapted based on the world of Dragon Quest, the Japanese version of this game has been released first. In-game players will be able to recruit, train, and fight with existing monster teams based on the Dragon Quest world.

Dragon Quest Tact has released a relased date release

So what are you waiting for! Immediately pre-register on the AppStore or GooglePlay right now! Who knows, maybe, the mobile game will be released earlier before the date on the AppStore page!

To pre-register Android, click HERE
For iOS pre-registration, click HERE


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