Dynasty Warriors Overlords released

Dynasty Warriors: Overlords has now been released in several regions

SuperNova Game has officially announced the release of their new game entitled Dynasty Warriors: Overlords in several regions, including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. This mobile game is available in English and Traditional Chinese.

Similar to Dynasty Warrior games in general, Dynasty Warriors: Overlords is a Musou fighting game based on the Three Kingdoms era. Ingame gameplay, players can act as valiant generals to attack the enemies and conquer this war-ridden world, many famous heroes are revealed one after another in the game.

Dynasty Warriors Overlords released

Dynasty Warriors: Overlords is the best mobile game in terms of control and battery usage compared to other Dynasty Warrior games. Because for sure, better engines and technologies have been implemented now as compared to the previous titles.

All hero styleart concepts are provided by Koei Tecmo. The design enhances the metallic texture to accentuate the generals’ personalities and focus on them, while their style remains the same. Animations of the generals are also provided by Koei Tecmo. Besides Musou battles, there is also a city management system in the game.

Download: Googleplay or Appstore

《真・三國無雙 霸》最好打的三國!來戰!


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