Edens Zero: Pocket Galaxy Mobile Game Starts Pre-Registration

Konami recently started anew mobile game pre-registration campaign evententitled Edens Zero: Pocket Galaxy for Android and iOS platforms. Previously, Konami announced this Edens Zero mobile game in September 2020.

Edens Zero: Pocket Galaxy is a top-down action-RPG genre game , players will explore dungeons and use skills and equipment to defeat enemies. Of course, this mobile game also has the same Gacha system as RPG mobile games in general.

The story in this game is also made the same as the original manga version, there will be lots of scenes in the manga that are visualized in this game. Not only that, this game also has an interesting original game story. There will be stunning action scenes when characters, especially Shiki, use the Ether Gear.

This game has more than 100 costumes that can be collected in the game, so the characters will look different. This costume is also an original costume made by Hiro Mashima, the creator of the manga Edens Zero.

edens zero pocket galaxy mobile game

What is Eden Zero?

Edens Zero is a manga series by Hiro Mashima, who is a famous manga creator, his two creations are Rave Master and Fairy Tail . The Edens Zero series was released in 2018 and became a popular title. Edens Zero tells the story of a teenager named Shiki Granbell who is on an adventure to explore the galaxy with a spaceship. Shiki and his friends visit various planets to find a cosmic god with the nickname Mother.

Edens Zero: Pocket Galaxy mobile game pre-registration has started for Android and iOS platforms. Players can visit Konami’s official website to pre-register this game.

Pre-registration CLICK HERE


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