Eggy Go A Funny And Fun Competition Mobile Game Starting CBT

Do you know? Every time you put a gold coin into the vending machine, the battle for coins between Eggy begins! A new sports-casual mobile game called Eggy Go is debuting today and the closed beta test (CBT) will begin on May 7. Eggys ​​whose cuteness is overloaded will go through all kinds of challenges to become the champion that players must defend.

In the world of Eggy Go, players will enter a fantasy world inside a vending machine and become a cute round Eggy. This mobile game offers a myriad of trendy decoration options that allow players to freely customize their Eggy to suit their desires and join other players in a party full of challenges and surprises, the goal is to pick up gold coins and be the only winner.

Eggy go mobile game

Each Eggys ​​will start from the same starting line and go through various traps and challenges, players must use the jump and roll buttons to avoid collapsing walls, falling bricks and fly across different terrains in this rush and clash game.

After familiarizing themselves with the basic controls and terrain in this game, players can use the workshop to create their own maps and challenges, sharing them with players around the world.

The Background Story of Eggy Go

Publisher: Netease

Official Website:


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