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Engage Souls Card Game With Rock Paper Scissors Elements

Square Enix officially announced that it will release a new game called Engage Souls on June 25th 2020 for the Android and iOS platforms. Because the pre-registration participant number has reached 300.000, all players will get gacha tickets and in-game currency as a thank you.

Engage Souls is set in a world where Engage tournaments are normal, with rock paper scissors elements and card battle. The story in this game tells the story of a team of five children, 3 boys and 2 girls, aiming to become professional engages known as Contractors. You must choose one of the six academies and coach these prospective contractors and follow their own stories.

fajaryusuf.com Engage Souls

During the battle the player must strategize with a deck of cards based on different characters, and after the game of rock paper scissors, the characters will continue to summon their souls and release attacks. These characters can be strengthened through bonding, and by doing that, you will unlock new skills and skills. If you are tired of fighting AI, you can challenge other players in PVP mode.

If you like anime-style card games, you might want to try Engage Souls when you release it. Make sure you register pre-register now, to get early bird prizes, such as gacha tickets and in-game currency. For more information, please visit the official website of the game Engage Souls.

Developer: Square Enix

Source: Engage Souls Official Site

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