EOS RED A Dangerous MMORPG Game! Pre-register Now!

And now, the Pre-registration event has opened in the Southeast Asia region, including Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia. Appstore pre-registration has also opened, but for GooglePlay is still not, and is planned in the near future.The Virtual Gear Rush Pre-registration event has also started. Complete the Pre-registration using your mobile number, then sign the agreement to ensure that you can get all the fantastic prizes in the form of virtual items worth around USD 60. After completing the Pre-registration process, you can participate in daily draw events to earn Points.If the accumulated points are high, players can get rare purple Pet items and Tin Knights !
《EOS RED》Perang Umat Manusia akan segera dimulai! | Game seluler MMORPG paling berbahaya tahun 2021
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