Eversoul game Collection-RPG kakao

Eversoul New Game Collection-RPG with Anime styleart

Initially known as Soul ArtifactEversoul is one of the mobile games featured on G-Star 2021 by Kakao Games. This Collection-RPG game has more than 40 characters, Eversoul is developed by Korean studio, Nine Ark. This game has Anime style art, players will find a variety of systems that are popular in mobile simulation games in general, including relationship building, character nurturing, Dungeons Story, home systems and others.

Eversoul game Collection-RPG with Anime-Fantasy styleart featuring beautiful illustrations. Players can collect relics scattered around the world, Summon Spirits, and strategic battles.

Eversoul’s release schedule is 2022.

Eversoul game Collection-RPG kakao

The main elements in Eversoul are Relics, Spirits, and Ark.

The player’s choice on the Quest will have a different ending.

Eversoul is only developed for the Mobile platform.

Eversoul has an Idle-Offline system that compensates players.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is the minimum system specification required for Eversoul.

There are 40 Spirits that can be obtained upon release, with additions every 1 to 2 months.

All the Spirits in Eversoul are female. According to the story, the first Spirits that were born were Adam, and Eve. However, Adam was considered unstable, therefore all Spirits were born by Eve.

The male spirit may be present in Eversoul in collaboration events or stories in the next update.

Eversoul - G Star 2021 debut trailer


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