Every chapter in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis will be available for free

At yesterday’s announcement, Famitsu officially posted an interview with director Tetsuya Nomura regarding some content updates being added to the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis mobile RPG game. Here are some important points from the interview, including every free chapter of Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis:

Every chapter in the Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis mobile game will be available for free. Monetization will be carried out on the gacha weapon system. Some of the weapon gacha types are exclusive and not found in previous games. There will also be a new set of costumes.

The story in the game will tell more than 10 chapters. To have a rough estimate of how long each chapter will finish the story, players will run away from Midgar in chapter 3.

Fajaryusuf.com Chapter Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis free chapters free

There will be a new original story specifically for Ever Crisis. If players have never heard of it, Square Enix will also release another Battle Royale mobile game called Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier. Since this is a Battle Royale game, there won’t be much storytelling so new stories will be added in Ever Crisis.

There will be a dungeon system and special battles in the game, players can form parties with the team they want to fight. That’s why in the trailer, players can see Aerith fighting Boss Scorpion Sentinel.

Music in this mobile game will be presented based on the original game music.

Ever Crisis was not made to replace the original game, but was developed so that players can learn more about the world of Final Fantasy VII.

Source: Famitsu


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