A complete explanation of Pokemon Unite, a very unique MOBA game

Pokemon Company has finally started a beta test phase for their newest mobile MOBA game, Pokemon Unite for Canada. Although they are already planning to provide beta access to more other regions, the beta version is already available for download on third-party sites and for players to play.

But when you play it there are strict rules that bind, players are not allowed to share screenshots or gameplay recordings, therefore fajaryusuf.com will only explain the game concept in the summary of the article below.

Pokemon Unite Graphic Quality

When entering the game the player will immediately be presented with the option to create a Trainer. There are various customization options that are presented, such as changing gender, skin color, hair style, to the choice of costumes that can be used. The options offered are not that detailed, but it’s possible that the final version will bring more new variations to make your Trainer look different from other players.

The trainer in Pokemon Unite does act as a representation of the player character, but this character does not have a really active role when playing matches in the gameplay. Apart from the Cut-In appearance when Trainer catches wild Pokemon, the trainer’s gameplay focuses solely on the action of each Pokemon being controlled.

The quality of the graphics to the overall UI design in this game is really very typical of modern Pokemon games. For a game that is devoted to the mobile platform, this game can even be said as one of the MOBAs with the smoothest graphics, especially from the 3D rendering design of each Pokemon that was worked on with stunning visuals.

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Unique New MOBA Style Gameplay

When discussing the gameplay of the MOBA game, of course most players only imagine a fighting game between two teams colliding in a map to destroy the enemy turret and occupy the main base to win. Roughly speaking, Pokemon Unite does adopt a similar concept, but after playing it the player will get a different sensation.

In the in-game Pokemon Unite players will indeed be faced with a match like MOBA games in general which bring together two teams (each consisting of 5 players) to fight each other. But instead of focusing on breaking through defenses and destroying the main base, Pokemon Unite requires players to hunt wild Pokemon.

Hunting wild Pokemon in this in-game match is the same as defeating a single monster in a MOBA game in general, the only difference is that when the monsters are defeated, they will be caught by the Unite Ball which is then converted into Aeos Energy, which is a special energy stored in this Unite Ball. used to destroy the enemy’s small base (Turret) according to the amount of Aeos Energy needed.

Even though it has a similar function as the Turret in other games, the small base on Pokemon Unite does not have a defense system, which means that players can immediately release Aeos Energy like scoring a goal against an enemy. Talking about scoring goals, actually the gameplay does feel like a sports game, the two teams compete with each other to score as many goals as possible to the opponent’s base.

Each base does not have a defensive system that will counterattack, but players can use it as a place to rest for a moment because this base can restore a small amount of HP. And of course players can restore HP in one to two seconds when returning to main base, but this small base can be a savior when in a ganging situation.

Defeating enemy team members in this pokemon MOBA game has a reciprocal effect, because besides getting a kill, players can also steal their Aeos Energy and then throw it back to the enemy base. This effect certainly can also affect defeat, especially when the player is defeated while having a large amount of Aeos Energy.

In order for the battles in this game to be interesting, the Pokemon that players have at the beginning of the match can evolve to Level 3 and unlock many powerful skills. For example, when players choose Charizard, at the beginning of the match you will control Charmander which will slowly evolve to become stronger and have access to a variety of stronger skills. You can even hunt legendary Pokemon like Zapdos to increase team strength (just like hunting lords, dragons, barons or boss monsters in other MOBA games).

In terms of gameplay, Pokemon Unite is different from MOBA games in general. It’s just that this Pokemon MOBA game is more demanding for players to be able to adapt to the game system. For example, if in other MOBA games players can do split push to penetrate enemy bases, then in Pokemon Unite players must adapt to the enemy’s movements and what base they are after. Due to the absence of a defense system for each small base, each team has many options for targeting unguarded gaps.

Free To Play & In App Purchase

Free-to-play mobile games certainly have In App Purchase, and Pokemon Unite is quite identical to most MOBA games in general. As usual, players can buy additional Pokemon with currencies in the form of Aeos Coins and Gems. For free players, players can get Aeos Coins after following the complete tutorial session and can buy other Pokemon.

Players are also presented with the option to buy skins which are even pegged at a higher price of gems (except for the costumes for Trainers which can be purchased with Aeos Tickets). And predictably, Pokemon Unite will certainly provide a Battle Pass system as well as a series of events that offer a variety of interesting rewards.

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