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Far Away Game Anime-Style Visual Novel Slated for Release in 2021

Far Away is a visual novel game developed by Hongcha Games and published by XD Network Inc. This game is planned to be released for PC and Mobile in 2021.

Far Away is an amazing anime-style visual novel game that has a branched storyline and many choices. Player will play as Krosa Nonet, a bay worker in the old town of Bedjan who is trapped in the underground world of the city. With lots of storylines and dozens of options, every decision a player chooses will have an immediate impact on Krosa and the city. Seek clues, explore the characters’ perspectives and collect the mystery of Bedjan against the backdrop of a city riddled with corruption.

fajaryusuf.com Far Away Visual Novel Game

Main feature:

  • Stunning visuals, the work of famous artists who created art for Arknights
  • 500,000 words of text, 8 main storylines, and dozens of decisions for players to choose from.
  • The choices that players make have an immediate impact on the story, storyline, and ending.
  • Explore the noir theme in Bedjan’s gloomy underground world, and confront corrupt officials.
  • Incredible and original soundtrack from the fame Zris of Arknights.

If you are interested in reading the story in an anime-style game while resting, maybe you should try reading this one novel game.

Source: Steam


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