FFVII: The First Soldier has released pre-download on Appstore & Googleplay

Ahead of the release of FFVII: The First Soldier which will officially release on November 17th, it is now available for pre-download for iOS and Android. The installation will require a memory size of 2GB. You can download the Battleroyale Mobile Final Fantasy game on Googleplay and the Appstore.

Recommended specs: Android 7.1 or Higher and requires at least 3GB RAM, certain devices may not be compatible with this game even if it meets the requirements above.

About the game Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier: Players will fight with a combination of Melee, Magic, and Ranged attacks with Firearms. Use all of the available weapon options at your disposal to defeat enemies in highly varied and strategic battles.

FF The First Soldier pre download released

FF The First Soldier is basically the same as Battleroyale games in general but with the addition of Magic, Sword, Monster Summons, etc. So if you are curious about the gameplay, make sure to download it first.

Download: Googleplay or Appstore

FINAL FANTASY VII: THE FIRST SOLDIER - Battle Royale Gameplay (Android/IOS)


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