Figure Fantasy has softlaunch on Googleplay

The mobile RPG game Figure Fantasy is now Softlaunch on Googleplay for Australia and New Zealand. Players in the region will be able to enjoy Softlaunch Figure Fantasy from November 16, 2021 to November 29, 2021.

The recommended specifications for playing Figure Fantasy are Android 4.3 or Higher, and require 3GB or Higher memory space . Players are advised to link to a Komoe, Google, or Apple account.

If the game has bugs or lags, the FAQ recommends the following:

  • This game may be lagging if the player has too many background apps, so the player must close the unused apps first.
  • Set the graphics quality to Low to check if the performance improves.
  • The device player may have poor heat dissipation, so cool it down before continuing to play.

Figure Fantasy released softlaunch

IAP (In App Purchase) is already available in this game. Various Ingame Events have also started, there is “The Baseball League” and “ Suzumi’s Express Project” which started at the same time as Softlaunch, and both of these Events will end on November 22, 2021. Login prizes will also be given.

Download: Googleplay

English Version - Figure Fantasy (ENG) Soft Launch Gameplay


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