Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier New Style Battle Royale Game

Indeed, currently the battle royale genre game is very successful in the market from various platforms. The genre that was originally popularized by PUBG and Fortnite has now penetrated into the Final Fantasy game , because currently Square Enix has just officially announced Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is a mobile game with the battle royale genre, the player’s goal in this game is to become a Soldier from Shinra’s history. The interesting thing about this mobile game is that the gameplay in it is very unique because it presents firearms, melee, magic and even speel summons monsters.

At the announcement, Square Enix also released a short trailer featuring the first look of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. In the trailer, you can see a battle mode between players who use all kinds of weapons. Final Fantasy First Soldier battle royale

Keep in mind that this mobile game is not a battle royale like other games in general, because in this game players can face bosses. In the trailer, players can find one of the bosses from the Final Fantasy VII series, Shinra’s Scorpion Sentinel.

This mobile game is the first experiment conducted by Square Enix, before this type of gameplay had not been developed yet. Of course, this new gameplay will make fans of the Final Fantasy series look forward to the game’s arrival.

Square Enix plans to release The First Soldier in 2021, but the exact date has not been confirmed. This mobile game will be released for Android and IOS.

Source: Twitter Final Fantasy


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