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Final Fantasy XV Mobile Version With Unreal Engine 4, Soon!

It seems that there is very little criticism gained by this game after its release in 2016 because the content felt by the players was very satisfying, Final Fantasy XV is a Final Fantasy series that gets a special place in the hearts of the players. After being adapted to other media such as films and novels, this game finally returned to mobile games, with a newer concept of mobile games that are different from before.

The FF XV Mobile Game will be developed by Square Enix together with developers, namely JSC and GAEA, this mobile game is a RPG mobile game adapted directly from the original Final Fantasy XV game, only this mobile game will focus more on the multiplayer content that is present and add more new features. This mobile game will use Unreal Engine 4 to maximize the graphics potential and gameplay quality.

Although it focuses on multiplayer, this mobile game does not completely forget the content of the single player, because later players can enjoy the story that is presented through Noctis and his friends’ exciting road-trips. Not only that, players will also be able to explore some areas that are completely new with different story scenarios.

The first trailer for the game itself will be shown to the public in mid-2020, so for the time being there is still no certainty about the release schedule. One thing is certain, this mobile game will be released for Android and iOS.

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