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Fire Force: Battle of the Flame Road Game Adapted From Anime

The popular anime is certainly currently an attraction for the gaming industry, this is evidenced by the increasing number of popular anime being adapted into mobile games. The latest news is the Fire Force anime which is an anime made by Atsushi Kubo, the anime which has received 2 seasons of airing is getting a mobile game adaptation with the title Fire Force: Battle of the Flame Road. This mobile game that will have a side scrolling style is already available on the iOS and Android platforms, while the developer is still planning a release date.

This mobile action game developed by Japanese developer Orenda will have a 3D side scrolling style display with a variety of interesting quests and events. Like the anime adaptation mobile games in general, Fire Force Battle of the Flame Road will present characters from the anime series, such as Shinra Kusakabe and Arthur Boyle to fight Fire together with Special Fire Force Company 8.

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But this mobile game is currently available in Japanese, there is no certainty whether Orenda will release this mobile game globally. But considering the success of Fire Force, it is likely that the Japanese developer will release this game globally. So we just wait!

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