Fruit Ninja 2 Comeback Released With Various New And Fresh Content

After 10 years of passing by, Halfbrick Studios is finally ready to release a new version of their popular action puzzle game, Fruit Ninja 2. Players who are interested in this mobile game can now download it from the local AppStore or GooglePlay in each country.

Prepare and play Finger blade! The fruit-slicing action fun mobile game that is fun for everyone is back with the addition of fun mini games and real-time competitive action! Enjoy all the action in the game as you challenge other players from around the world. Fruit Ninja 2 a

This mobile game is completely packed with newer and fresher content, which will keep players playing Fruit Ninja 2 for months! Players will find this new mobile game to have exciting New Mini Games to play with, lots of new characters, new weapons and a huge amount of Power Ups to unlock, and even a garden to develop!

Publisher: Halfbrick Studios

Download: GooglePlay or AppStore

Fruit Ninja 2 🍉🍉 - Launch Trailer
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