Mobile Game and Anime D_CIDE Traumerei Coming Soon!

Bushiroad collaborated with Sumzap and Drecom to present a new mobile game that has anime elements in it, and they have just released a new trailer for this mobile game that will be releasing soon, yep this mobile game is titled D_CIDE Traumerei.

There is an interesting fact about this new mobile game, D_CIDE Traumerei is currently one of the mobile games being developed and the most anticipated by Japanese players, because this mobile game will also have an Anime, which will air in Japan on July 10 this year. Of course, the hype for the excitement of this new anime and mobile game is a good step for mobile game publishers.

d_cide traumarei game

As for the gameplay and genres in this mobile game, it looks like a turn-based RPG with collection-hero elements. From June 24 to July 20, the developer will recruit players to try the close beta test, there will be 2500 players recruited to test this mobile game. For more information, you can visit their official website.

You can see the official website of the D_CIDE Traumerei mobile game at the following link:


Trailer Source


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