This is Gameplay Seven Knight Revolution that will be released

Seven Knights Revolution scheduled to be released in 2020, because a lot of development is still needed, there was a brief demo that was successfully tried by some lucky players at the 2019 G-STAR event.

The demo only shows the raid boss, and party players who are struggling to be able to kill him in quick time. Note that this is only a demo, and the boss raid might have changed when it was officially released.

Seven Knights Revolution is an MMORPG mobile game.

seven knight revolution

All players will start the game as normal character with abilities that can hold 6 types of weapons. There is no class system, so players are free to determine the class with the weapons used.

Players must collect hero cards to turn them into and use their unique skills.

The Story Line in Seven Knights Revolution is not connected to the original Seven Knights or Seven Knights 2. The aim of this game is to enable players to bond with the heroes of Seven Knight Revolution.

Trailer Seven Knight Revolution

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