Games of Thrones Winter is Coming mobile

Games of Thrones: Winter is Coming Pre-Register on Mobile

Previously, Games of Thrones: Winter is Coming was released for Steam and browsers in 2019, now, the game adapted from the book and film by George RR Martin will soon be released for Mobile. This information has been confirmed, this game which has a genre of Real Time Strategy (RTS) is already present on the pre-registration page on GooglePlay.This game was developed by Yoozoo, who has other RTS genre games, one of which is Red Alert, you are required to collect various kinds of resources, which will be used to build and strengthen bases and troops.
Games of Thrones Winter is Coming mobile gameplay
The story in this game is also quite interesting, because Youzou has officially bought a license from the Game of Thrones series, so when you play it you will be presented with the same characters and storyline as the original series. With the genre offered by this game you can imagine that you will act as one of the house leaders in Westeros and will compete to defeat Seven Kingdom with other players online.Surely this is good news for players who are fans of Game of Thrones, because you no longer need to sit and look at the screen to play the game Games of Thrones: Winter is Coming.

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