Gamevil Releases A New Sports Game, The Title NBA NOW

nba now

Gamevil has officially announced the release of a new basketball sports game, yep the game is titled NBA NOW.

This game challenges players to act as general manager in order to build teams filled with their favorite NBA stars, and compete in the NBA season with the aim of winning the championship.

NBA NOW has been released and is available globally on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The sports gameplay system of the game provides an intuitive touch with a vertical screen and simple controls that aim to appeal to a wider range of mobile gamers players.

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NBA NOW gameplay

NBA NOW presents various game modes, player features, team uniforms and basketball courts, as well as real-time NBA statistics that are reflected in player tier rankings throughout the season.

NBA NOW is the latest game in the growing collection of GAMEVIL sports mobile game titles, as well as the company’s long-term partnership with MLB for its popular baseball game, MLB Perfect Innings.

NBA NOW is available in 10 different languages ​​including English, Korean, French and Spanish.

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Publisher: Gamevil

Download: Android Google Playstore, iOS AppStore.

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