Gate of Nightmares (ゲートオブナイトメア) release date

Gate of Nightmares Will Release On October 26th

Square Enix has now announced the release date of their new mobile game which will be released soon entitled Gate of Nightmares (ゲートオブナイトメア). Yap Gate of Nightmares will be released on October 26th.

Gate of Nightmares is a Fantasy-RPG mobile game developed with Hiro Mashima, who is the creator of Rave Master, Fairy Tail, and Eden Zero. This game has a fantasy adventure gameplay like JRPG games in general, this game has 2 worlds, there is RealWorld where people live, and Remurias which is a world of dreams come true.

Gate of Nightmares (ゲートオブナイトメア) release date

This mobile game has achieved 30,000 pre-registration milestones so players will receive 3000 Gems when the mobile game is officially released.

Gate of Nightmares (ゲートオブナイトメア) official website

【公式】真島ヒロ × スクウェア・エニックス 完全新作RPG『ゲートオブナイトメア』|ファイナルトレーラー


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