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Genshin Impact will be released before October 2020

It has been frequently closed beta event for a player PC and Mobile conducted miHoYo for the game co-op action RPG their latest, Genshin Impact, the last phase of development prior to release to the status of the game today is more ready and ripe to be played on both platforms.

Genshin Impact is currently doing its third closed beta, which is the last closed beta before it was released. So, it is certain that they will release it soon in the near future.

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Finally, miHoYo as a developer and publisher officially announced that Genshin Impact will be released on PC and Mobile before October 2020 this year. With this announcement, players don’t need to wait any longer to be able to enjoy this fantastic anime style RPG action game.

miHoYo will also do a PlayStation 4 closed beta event again. Because the current version is still not stable and optimal. They claim to open the closed beta phase again on July 30 2020. They will only invite a few players from North and South America who meet the requirements. Invitations will be sent on July 29 to players who meet these requirements.

Publisher: miHoYo

Source: Official Website

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