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Genshin Impact Comes With Pixel Graphics, Suitable For Potato Hanphone

The Action RPG game published by Mihoyo, Genshin Impact, has become very popular among players, because of its many iconic characters, wide open world, lots of features, and fantastic graphics that make this game have a lot of fans. However, the problem in this game is that the minimum device specifications needed to play this game are quite high, so many players can’t play it. And do you know about the game Genshin Impact Pixel?

Yep, now for players who have potato cellphones who can’t play the game, now they can play Genshin Impact with a different game application, there is a game Genshin Impact in pixel graphics. Surely this mobile game will not be heavy to play on a potato cellphone and has a size of only 20MB.

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But this mobile game doesn’t seem to be official from Mihoyo, for the story it may be almost the same as the original version, presenting the first scene when the player arrives in the Mondstat area. With cute pixel graphics, it will bring different excitement from the original game. If you are curious about this game, you can download it HERE


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