Goddess Order

Goddess Order Ready to Release at the End of 2021

This game was first announced last February, when Kakao Games announced that it had signed a global publishing contract with developer LoadComplete to develop its newest mobile RPG game, Goddess Order. If you don’t know, Loadcomplete is the studiogames that created Crusaders Quest, a hugely successful game published by NHN.

According to the press release, Kakao Games and LoadComplete intend to prepare for the global release of Goddess Order by the end of 2021. The mobile game is described as a “side-scrolling action RPG” and is an ambitious project by the development team. The team leader is a veteran who previously worked for the Granado Espada, and is supported by the Crusader Quest team.

Goddess Order

Now Kakao Games today revealed a new image for the Goddess Order. Yep this game is still being developed by the LoadComplete studio. Set in a medieval fantasy world, it is stated that the Goddess Order will have various battle systems such as Guard and Brakes to add gameplay elements to this strategic action game.


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