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GoetiaX New Mobile RPG Game Opens Pre-Registration Event

GoetiaX a mobile game RPG developed by Appspirits and officially licensed by Funmily Corporation Ltd. Players will explore the post-apocalyptic desert and join forces with other players in cooperative battles against enemies. This mobile game has a lot of storytelling, unique art styles, and 2D technology that allows players to interact with their favorite characters in and out of battle!

The story in this game is set in a world destroyed by the Divine. A group of Angels rebel against their creators and become “Fallen“, “mages” allied with Fallen to fight in “Heaven’s War“. It has been 500 years since then, and mages and Fallens are still continuing their struggle.

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The story in this game takes inspiration from Key of Solomon with Japanese animation art style. The player can control a team of 4 and 3 at the same time, allowing the formation of 12 characters. Each character can use their skills and gather strength to release powerful Burst skills.

GoetiaX is now opening pre-registration events. Just go to the pre-registration site and register yourself for more information about the game’s release.

Pre-registration prizes will be given after the mobile game is officially released.

For pre-registration, click HERE


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