Let’s Download Mobile Game Golf King World Tour, Exciting!

PNIX as the developer has officially announced the release of their latest mobile game titled Golf King – World Tour. A golf-based game, which focuses on real-time PVP 1v1, realistic style graphics, characters that you can customize as you wish, intuitive shooting controls, and endless fun and play, now available on the App Store and Google Play.

In the Golf King – World Tour, players compete with other players around the world in an online pro golf duel. Using the slingshot mechanism, players must determine the desired landing point on the punch line, and then swing the swing centered for accurate shots. This game is easy to learn and play.

Golf King is the new title in the “KING” game series created by PNIX, which includes Mini Golf King, Archery King, and Bowling King which have been released. This new mobile game reflects PNIX’s expertise and experience in creating competitive sports game titles on mobile. This experience allows PNIX to further improve the quality of the latest games with new and interesting features.

golf king world tour

Gameplay will progress when the player wins and collect trophies to open the tour with a higher level, by playing against friends and other players in a 1v1 match. After player swings, player can use various emotes to tease the opponent.

Golfers will improve their golf clubs to improve their achievements, and will follow daily and weekly leaderboard to win various kinds of interest.

Golf King – World Tour offers players many aspects to customize their customization, including various characters, hats, glasses, tops, pants, and shoes. Players can also collect the best clubhouses and caddies for better game effects.

Publisher: PNIX

Download: Googleplay & Appstore

Golf King World Tour Trailer Gameplay
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