Gran Saga Announces Release Date, Ready For Release On January 26

Gran Saga is the new mobile MMORPG game title from the NPIXEL developer which has just confirmed the release date of the mobile game. NPIXEL announced that the mobile and PC versions of the Gran Saga game will be released on January 26 2021.

The release date was postponed 19 days from originally planned, because previously NPIXEL had targeted January 7 for this game to be released, but many things happened and resulted in the game being delayed.

Unfortunately, Gran Saga can only be downloaded from the South Korean region, and the global version has no further information. On January 26, all pre-registered accounts can start playing the MMORPG. Gran saga release date release date

Currently, more than 4 million accounts have participated in pre-registering for this game, making Gran Saga the game with the largest pre-register account in 2021. This figure is only taken from the South Korean region, and of course this figure will keep going up as time goes by.

Along with this announcement, NPIXEL also provides a glimpse of the gameplay from Gran Saga. The official trailer shows a co-op mini boss battle, it should be noted that players can only choose one character when doing this battle.

Just like the original plan from NPIXEL if Gran Saga can be a breakthrough for the MMORPG genre in 2021. NPIXEL wants this game to be different from MMORPG in general, especially in 2020 there are already so many MMORPG games.



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