gran saga

NPIXEL Will Develop New MMORPG Games Titled Gran Saga

First announced a few months ago, NPIXEL is a mobile game developer studio created by veteran game developer Netmarble Seven Knight. The new NPIXEL MMORPG mobile game will be developed titled Gran Saga which is announced to be released in 2020.

Not only that, NPIXEL also announced that the game will be made with Unreal Engine 4, and will not

only be released for mobile devices, but will also support cross platform gameplay, so it can be played on a PC as well.

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Gran Saga

NPIXEL announces that they want to give players the freedom to play their games regardless of the platform they have.

NPIXEL also said that the Gran Saga game is a super-large MMORPG game that will have a variety of freedoms for players to explore the game.

Unfortunately, there has been no leakage related to the gameplay and details of the game. So just wait for the game update at FajarYusuf.Com!