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Grand Alliance, New Anime Action RPG Game Can Be Downloaded

Crunchyroll Games in collaboration with VIZ Media has officially announced the release of their latest mobile Action RPG game, Grand Alliance. Players who are interested in this mobile game can download it on the AppStore or GooglePlay.

The story in the game “Grand Alliance” tells the story of Amelia, the last daughter of the empire who is still alive, because Amelia aims to unite a nation torn apart by strife after the murder of the imperial family.

There are more than 30 heroes in four different class types for players to collect. Combat in-game is done in real-time with the Action RPG genre. Each party consists of 3 characters and players must build the strongest squad for battle based on their stats and skills.

fajaryusuf.com Grand Alliance

By the time this game was released, it had received more than 90,000 pre-registrations, each player who pre-registered will receive 25,000 Gold, 25 class emblems, 1,250 Gems for free, Tier 5 Gravity Bomb skills, and first hero Clarissa, a secret agent serving House Courcillon. .

New players will also be given a seven-day login calendar and receive free hero Daisy, rebellious militia fighters and warriors who like to smash things with a mighty hammer.

Publisher: Crunchyroll Games

Download: GooglePlay or AppStore


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