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Guardian Tales Officially Will Be Released Globally

Kakaogames in collaboration with Kong Studios, officially announced the Pre-Registration event for their newest game entitled Guardian Tales. After success with soft launches for selected countries, Guardian Tales is now ready to be released globally which will be available on the GooglePlay and AppStore!Players who are interested in playing and joining an exciting adventure can immediately pre-register on the official site at the link below, the pre-registration event is accompanied by a Milestone event. If the registrant reaches an achievement milestone, players will receive amazing prizes and exclusive costumes!
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With a refreshing touch of pixel style design, reminiscent of the days of playing in childhood, Guardian Tales is an RPG-adventure game that allows you to play as a Knight who protects Little Princess from the Invanders and gathers heroes from one world to another.Every world has a pleasant environment with a variety of challenging puzzles and mysterious grooves in it! Players will not play alone because they can also unite in Guild and fight strong boss in the Raid Guild to get prizes or fight with other players in the Arena!Official Pre-Registration Website
Guardian Tales | Pre-Registration Trailer

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