Haikyuu Mobile Game Is Currently Being Developed By G Holding

Recently, mobile game developer G Holding announced that they are developing a new mobile sports game based on the popular volleyball anime Haikyuu!!. This mobile game is informed that it will present characters from the anime series and will have the same story mode as the original anime story.

The anime based on the manga tells the story of the volleyball team fight of Haruichi Furudate, and was broadcast in April 2014. Due to the popularity of this volleyball anime, this anime got its second and third seasons that aired in October 2015 and October 2016 respectively. Even the fourth season first aired in January 2020 and Episode 13 aired in April 2020.

Haikyuu mobile game fajaryusuf.com

Even though part 2 with episodes 14 to 25 had to be delayed due to the impact of the COVID19 Pandemic, at least with the existence of this mobile game from G Holding, players who are fans of the anime can ease the longing for the volleyball anime series. Hopefully, this mobile game that is planned to be released for Android and iOS will be released globally.

Yep, the Haikyuu mobile game from Holding is currently being developed, and it is likely to be released globally considering the popularity of the anime in the world, but it is possible that the Japanese region will be released first, so we will wait for further information.

Haikyuu!! To The Top [Season 5] - Trailer 2020

Source: YouTube


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