Hamster Village A Cute And Funny Mobile Simulation Game

Simulation genre games are one of the genres that are well known to players. How not, this is due to the popularity of The Sims which is very popular in the world, so many players like the game. However, that does not mean that life simulation games are only The Sims, there are still a lot of games of this genre with different themes and their own uniqueness. Well, on the mobile platform there is a simulation game for Hamsters that can be played on Android and iOS called Hamster Village!

In this game the player will be in charge of managing a hamster village where the player will be the master for the hamsters who come in the village. The player's task here is to make the hamsters happy, add various facilities to the hamsters' village, and create a hamster village like in a fairy tale.

fajaryusuf.com Hamster Village Game Simulasi Mobile a

Even the description of the mobile game says that "Just by Looking at the happy hamster heaven will make your mind at ease". Which means collect various kinds of cute hamsters in the game, and enjoy the experience of being a master in this very cute and adorable Hamster village.

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Hamster Village
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