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Harvest Town Game Similar to Harvest Moon on Android Pixel Style

There is good news for you fans of the farm simulation game genre, because Qy Games has just released a new game called Harvest Town. This game has gameplay like the Harvest Moon and now has entered the Early Access for Android platform. If you want to play this game you can download it through the Google Play Store.

Harvest Town is pixel gardening simulation game that also presents an RPG genre in it. So in addition you have to take care and take care of the plantation, you also have to grinding skills, and exploration, and fight against monsters in real-time.

Cool, this game also presents quests and daily quests that will help you to increase the character’s base level. The base level in Harvest Town will function to unlock various skills.

In addition, the developer also retains the most important element of the garden simulation game genre, namely dating sim, the player must socialize with villagers to get a share of the benefits, even to marry one of them.

Harvest Town Gameplay
Harvest Town Gameplay 2
Harvest Town Gameplay 3
Harvest Town Gameplay 4

Surely this is good news, because Harvest Town can be an alternative gardening simulation game for Android. In addition to presenting gardening simulations and RPG, Harvest Town will be supported with interesting stories. Must try!

Download: Google Play Store

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