Heaven Burns Red

Heaven Burns Red Has Started Pre-Registration Event

Wright Flyer Studios in collaboration with Key Studios has successfully announced their new mobile game which will be released soon entitled Heaven Burns Red. This mobile game is planned to be released in 2021.

Heaven Burns Red was first announced in 2018, this mobile game is now finally ready for release in 2021. Based on the video trailer, this mobile game seems to be a turn-based RPG genre with open-world features for players to explore. This mobile game looks very good on graphics similar to console games with 3D character models.

The story of the game Heaven Burns Red

Earth is on the verge of being attacked by a mysterious creature called ‘Cancer’. The weapons developed by mankind so far have been ineffective against it. Lacking the power to repel the enemy, humanity was tragically defeated. Lands were abandoned, and the ravages of war caused many countries to be erased from the map. And most of the land is now under the control of ‘Cancer’.

With little time left and extinction on the horizon, humanity developed a weapon named ‘Seraph’. Only those equipped with ‘Seraph’ can effectively defeat Cancer. After gathering people who have mastered the art of ‘Seraph’ manipulation , humanity has established the Seraph Corps as the world’s last hope.

Those who could manipulate the ‘Seraph’ all had one thing in common: they were girls with talent. Ruka Kayamori was among them. So Ruka also joined the battle against ‘Cancer’.

Heaven Burns Red

Pre-registration Heaven Burns Red

Pre-registration for this open-world mobile RPG game has now started and players can unlock 10x Gacha tickets when they reach the 300,000 pre-registration milestone!

Pre-registration CLICK HERE



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