Heroes War: Counterattack Has Opened Pre-Registration

A turn-based and zombie-themed RPG mobile game, Heroes War: Counterattack, is the newest mobile game from publisher Com2uS, this game is now open for pre-registration on GooglePlay and via email for iOS.

This game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans are stricken by an infectious disease, known as Virus Z, which has devastated Earth's population. Heroes War: Counterattack features two warring factions, each with a deep and detailed story.

Heroes War: Counterattack is also set in a future where the deadly Z Virus has destroyed the world's population. A group of survivors of the plague mercenaries, known as the Survivors Union, are in constant conflict with the mutated Harz Alliance, humans who are infected but manage to come to their senses from the virus endowed with the superhuman abilities of the virus. Even if there were 2 factions at odds with each other, the two of them had to be ready to fight because the remaining infected population would attack whatever they saw, regardless of their loyalty.

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Heroes War: Counterattack has endless PvE and PvP content. Players can also play solo in the PvE game mode which includes:

  • There are 10 story chapters for each party, the story behind the Survivors Union and the Harz Alliance. Each chapter has eight stages
  • Various kinds of unique dungeons where players can obtain Mercenaries which can be played to help fight in battle
  • Daily missions and training to allow players to hone skills

Pre-registration click HERE

[Heroes War: Counterattack] Cinematic Trailer (Official)
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