Horror Brawl: Battle Royale, Battle-Royale Game with Horror Element!

Currently there is a new mobile game titled Horror Brawl: Battle Royale published by  Keplerian, this publisher is famous for their mobile horror game entitled Evil Nun and Ice Scream. Yap Keplerian has announced that it will release a new mobile battle royale game with a horror feel.

The in-game gameplay in the battle-royale horror game is very easy to understand, because this game is the same as mobile battle-royale games in general, players will be on a map together with other players. In the in-game Horror Brawl there will be 16 players in 1 match, and players must kill other players or run using the portal to win the match in each match. Players will try to find the best weapons around, and kill other players.

Horror brawl battle royale

Not only that, players can also look for 4 Chaos Stones scattered throughout the map, Chaos Stones can be used by players to turn characters into killers such as Mr Meat, Evil Nun, and Ice Scream. Killer will directly kill other players when it catches them at the specified time. But don’t be afraid, because players can work together with other players to kill the killer.

For the current beta version of the game, there are 4 non-killer characters, and 3 killer characters that players can use. This Horror Brawl: Battle royale game can be concluded as a game with a mix of asymmetric-horror games like Dead by Daylight and Battle royale games like PUBG.

If players are bored with the gameplay of battle-royale games which are generally the same, players might be able to try playing this new game, because this game has a new gameplay in it that is different from other battle-royale games. Players can pre-register on  GooglePlay  or  AppStore. Although it has not been officially announced, the description on the AppStore informs that Horror Brawl will be released on October 8, 2021.

Pre-Registration CLICK HERE.

HORROR BRAWL BETA | Full GAMEPLAY | Keplerians DEVS playing | Keplerians CHALLENGE

Source: YouTube


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