Come on, Register! This is How to Pre-register Valorant Mobile

Currently Taptap has started the pre-registration phase for Valorant Mobile which has not been officially announced. There are various rumors and information about Valorant Mobile being developed by Riot Games but the developer has not confirmed it. In this article will tell you how players can pre-register for Valorant Mobile.

Valorant is a multi-player tactical shooter that gains instant traction due to its unique gameplay in the in-game skills and characters. The game’s popularity seems to be increasing regularly and it looks like the developer could try to capitalize on this success by entering the mobile gaming industry.

Mobile games have become a trendy market these days. Popular games like PUBG have been developed into mobile games and have successfully attracted the attention of players around the world. PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile are the best mobile games and so are Riot Games which comes with their MOBA game, LOL: Wild Rift.

Wild Rift is also a success story right now and the developers might be trying to experiment with their other titles as well. Valorant Mobile may really be in the development phase and an announcement will be published soon. As per the latest information, the game may be announced at the E3 2021 event or in mid-June.


Valorant Mobile Pre-register pre-register

TapTap has now acted very fast and has started the pre-registration phase even before the game was officially announced. Players who want to try this mobile game immediately after it’s released can pre-register on TapTap. It is very easy to do it and players just need to follow the steps given below:

  • Click HERE to visit the Valorant Mobile Pre-registration page.
  • Select Pre-registration mode via the Android or iOS platform.
  • Enter the website and you will successfully pre-register.

You may get a notification about future game updates once you have successfully registered. An official announcement is definitely awaited by the fan base and is expected to be announced in the coming months.


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