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Hypergryph Announces New Mobile Game Titled Ex Astris

Hypergryph is a developer who tells the story of a mobile game called Arknights, today Hypergryph announced a new mobile game with a Buy-To-Play Premium systemEx Astris.

According to official information, Ex Astris is a turn-based 3D RPG game set on an alien planet in a civilization known as Xeno. Players will assume the role of humans on Earth who are sent to the planet Xeno for an unknown investigation, and then the adventure in this game begins.

Basically, the whole adventure is like traveling on land with different new friends, players will meet various characters while traveling across the planet.

ex astris

The story in this game will unfold in a linear fashion, with each chapter recounting a new event. The combat system uses a Real-Time Turn-Based system, players can actively block, parry, and perform combo attacks even while in the air. Players can also customize which active skills to use for each battle.

As informed by Hypergryph, Ex Astris is currently still in the prototype stage with more features such as new Maps, Life Skills, Non-Linear Char still being planned. 3 Chars will form a team, and what you can see now are only 2 completed Chars with another 4 Chars coming soon.

Ex Astris - Official Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer


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