Idol Phantasy Star Saga Releases Closed Beta Test English Version

Boltrend Games has officially announced the release of closed beta test for their latest game titled Idol Phantasy Star Saga English version. Players from Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and SEA (except Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore) can now download this game on GooglePlay.

Before you ask questions, allow FajarYusufDotCom to clarify first, that this is a Close Beta test by deleting account or swipe data. Idol Phantasy Star Saga a

Idol Phantasy Star Saga is the latest game from the Sega’s Phantasy Star series. There are some players who have played the Japanese version, and they feel that this mobile game is very similar to FGO with improved and better graphics and interfaces.

Closed Beta test lasts for 5 days and will end on August 10 2020.

Register closed beta test click HERE

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