Infinity Kingdom, Mobile Game Strategy Has Been Officially Released

After waiting for a year, the mobile game titled Infinity Kingdom has finally been officially released for the Android and IOS platforms. With high hopes for the game, YOUZU as the developer announced that this mobile game can be played all over the world for free.

Infinity Kingdom is a mobile strategy game, the player’s task is to build an empire and protect it from enemy demon troops. The devil in this game is called Evil Gnomes, who intends to take the World Heart and use its power to their advantage, and the players must defeat them.

This mobile strategy game was first announced in July 2020, and at the end of the year it underwent a testing phase which was finally completed yesterday. YOUZU had high hopes for the success of this strategy game, and they decided to cancel the game for free. Infinity Kingdom

In the Infinity Kingdom in-game, players can find various kinds of legendary characters, starting from Julius Caesar, William the Conqueror, Mulan and even Robin Hood. Currently there are 60 names of legendary characters in this game.

This game also has a variety of gameplay modes, players can not only collect characters and arrange troops for war. Keep in mind that players have a duty to maintain and develop their own empire, that’s why this mobile strategy game presents an expansion system.

Troop battles are an important element in this game, but players can also do side quests. One of the most popular side quests is the scouting mission, players can send a number of troops to investigate new areas that have never been explored before.

Infinity Kingdom can be downloaded on Android on Google Play and IOS on the AppStore. This mobile strategy game can be played for free, but just like other online mobile games, there will be an IAP (in-app purchase) system inside.


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