Inuyasha Awakening, Mobile Game For Inuyasha Fans!

Hammer Entertainment has officially announced the pre-registration opening for their mobile game which will be released soon, titled Inuyasha Awakening.Inuyasha Awakening is currently being developed by Hammer Entertainment, the developer based in Korea. This mobile game will soon be released in Japan and the pre-registration phase has now begun.Inuyasha Awakening is a 3D Action RPG mobile game based on the famous Anime & Manga series, Inuyasha. Players can collect a variety of favorite characters from the series and form a party team as desired.
Inuyasha Awakening GAMEPLAY
Based on the inaugural trailer, the in-game battle is actually almost similar to the Bleach Brave Souls game. If you like action RPGs, you will definitely want to try it.Pre-register now to get lots of gems that you can use for Gacha when the game is released later.Pre-register HERE.
「犬夜叉 ―よみがえる物語―」プロモーションムービー

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