Isekai Quartet Mobile Puzzle Game Has Started Pre-Registration Event

At this time Isekai has developed into a genre of novel and anime works that is increasingly dominating, there are various interesting ideas that are used by other parties to take advantage of the popularity of isekai anime. One of the most effective ways at this time is to collect a variety of favorite Isekai series and put them together in a new series title which is a collaboration. If you are familiar with such a concept, then surely you know the Isekai Quartet, and currently it will be adapted into a mobile game.

The Isekai Quartet is a parody of various popular Isekai series such as Overlord, Re: Zero to KonoSuba which have proven successful in getting loyal fans who love the premise of this anime. In an effort to continue to popularize this series, Unizsoft officially announced a new game adaptation entitled Isekai Quartet – Clash! Puzzle School for mobile platforms.

Isekai quartet puzzle mobile game

Unlike the anime adaptation games in general which are adapted into RPG games, this mobile game actually presents a more casual concept with puzzle gameplay. So on the in-game Isekai Quartet – Clash! Puzzle School players can enjoy puzzle challenges that provide the opportunity to collect various kinds of characters from their favorite isekai anime.

Each character in the gameplay will have unique skills that help players complete puzzle challenges. This more casual and simple gameplay will certainly be easily digested by mobile players, so hopefully when this puzzle game is officially released, it will continue to receive consistent support from a solid player base.

Isekai Quartet – Clash! Puzzle School mobile puzzle game is planned to arrive on Android and iOS in early summer 2021. The pre-registration event has started and offers various attractive prizes such as UR & SSR gacha tickets, Gold, Diamond, and many more.

Pre-registration click HERE


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