JUMANJI: The Curse Returns will be out on November 17th

Marmalade Game Studio recently announced their new mobile game entitled JUMAJI: The Curse Returns, which will be released for iOS and Android platformsPre-registration for this game has started now.

For those players who don’t know JUMANJIJUMANJI is a film made in 1995, being one of the most popular films at that time. Tells the story of a family trapped in a cursed board game. JUMANJI: The Curse Returns will have similar gameplay and the same as the film, players will have an adventure in the Casualstrategy-Adventure game that can be played by 4 people, to save the city of Brantford.

JUMANJI The Curse Returns

The player will play the dice, then the challenge will come out of the board, and conquer the challenge until the end of the finish. There will be elephants crashing, a group of Zebras running from hunters or something. All players must reach the middle of the board to win the game JUMANJI: The Curse Returns.

JUMANJI: The Curse Returns is set to be officially released on November 17th on the Appstore and Googleplay. Interested players can pre-register now!

Pre-registration: Appstore or Googleplay


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