Kalpa of Universe, New Strategy-RPG Game Has Released, Download Now!

GameBeans has officially announced the release of their new game,the Chinese version of Kalpa of Universe. Players who are interested in this mobile game can download it with a VPN from regional Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia on the AppStore or GooglePlay. Or players can also download the APK of this mobile game on their official website.

Kalpa of Universe is a mobile RPG-Strategy game adapted based on the trilogy which was released in 1993, 2001 and 2002 for the PC platform, respectively. The story plot on the mobile version will be based on the historical events of the previous 3 games. The main characters in the previous game series will also be present in this mobile version.

kalpa of universe rpg-strategy game mobile global download

Just like the 3 predecessor games, the outcome of the battle is determined by the players’ strategy to build a great plan and take advantage of character classes, terrain, elements, formations, and other factors in the game. It is very important for players to know each character and the battle system so that players can defeat the enemy easily.

Publisher: GameBeans

Download: AppStore or GooglePlay 


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