Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road Release Date Officially Announced

Despite a delay some time ago, Square Enix has now officially announced it will release Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road for the Android and iOS platforms on June 22nd 2020.

Following is an overview for the game releasing Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road quoted from the official website:

  • The story of KINGDOM HEARTS starts with KINGDOM HEARTS Union X [Cross]!
  • Tap, swipe and explore the beautiful Disney world and start a new adventure in Daybreak Town! Enjoy exciting battles and multiplayer searches for up to six players!
  • Become a Keyblade holder and start the KINGDOM HEARTS story!
  • Witness the arrival of Maleficent in Daybreak Town and take part in an ever-expanding adventure!
  • The latest story updates take you to the world of Wreck-It Ralph! Don't miss the upcoming Disney world additions - Sugar Rush!
  • Five Foretellers, tasked with protecting the light of the world, at odds, together with the union. Relive this bad story as a member of five unions and witness one of the biggest events of KINGDOM HEARTS firsthand! kingdom hearts dark road release date a

In addition to announcing the release date for Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road, Square Enix Japan also publishes the Kingdom Hearts 2020 trailer which features footage of the game Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, Kingdom Hearts music show, Kingdom Hearts 3 soundtrack , and Kingdom Hearts Second Memory.

Developer: Square Enix

Source: Official Website KingdomHearts Dark Road

Watch this video on YouTube.
Watch this video on YouTube.

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