Kingdom: The Blood, Netflix Series Game Adaptation in Development

Are you a fan of the Netflix series called Kingdom? If so, you might be interested in this good news, the developer, Action Squares, recently announced that they are developing a game based on the Netflix series. The game that is in development is planned to be released for Mobile and PC and is titled Kingdom: The Blood.

Kingdom: The Blood is an actionRPG genre game that has multiplayer features in it. Action Square developed this game using Unreal Engine 4 to produce stunning 3D graphics, and also focused on an action-intensive gameplay system that creates the same atmosphere as the Netflix series.

Kingdom the blog

In addition, the developer will also use motion capture which is a technology to capture battle animations in the game so that players can experience the experience of playing a high quality game that will later be released for mobile and PC.

According to the news, Kingdom: The Blood will release for mobile and PC with Cross-platform features for the Korean region. Yep, for now it is still unknown whether the mobile action-RPG game will be released globally, or whether the Kingdom: The Blood game will be released globally later.

Source: screenrant


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