Kingsense New RPG-Strategy Game Has Officially Released For Global

Superprism Technology has officially announced the global release of their new mobile game, Kingsense, a game that is perfect for players who like strategy and casual gameplay. Players who are interested in playing this mobile game can now download it from the AppStore or GooglePlay.

Kingsense is a mobile game genre RPG-Strategy collection-hero which is played on a side scroll view. Battles on Kingsense are played on a 5×9 grid. Combat in the game is team-based, and players must form squads of 40 different Sensates, all with their own unique abilities and equipment items to make them stronger. There are six different jobs and six unique elements.


In terms of gameplay, the battles may be a bit complicated at the start of the game for new players, but if players can master it, there are lots of strategic move-sets that characters can do to finish off the enemy in just one turn.

In terms of graphics, this mobile RPG game looks a bit similar to the Arknight game, especially in the overall character design style, User Interface, animation skills, and futuristic theme.

Publisher: Superprism Technology

Download: GooglePlay or AppStore


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